Freihofer’s Training Challenge

NOTE: Registration for the Full Freihofer's Training Challenge is now closed. You can still keep track using our Virtual Training Program.

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The Freihofer's Training Challenge prepares you to run in the Freihofer's Run for Women 5k using the popular Couch to 5k Training Program. We will be offering a beginner program for those who are new to running in addition to an intermediate program for those who completed last year's challenge or want more advanced workouts. Advanced program: Our advanced program is for those athletes ready for focused speed and distance workouts. Athletes should already be able to run five (5) or more miles at a time.

Garelick Farms

Garelick Farms is proud to sponsor the Freihofer’s Training Challenge.

For 10 weeks starting March 16, give your motivation a boost, improve your performance and make some new friends by joining one of three teams scheduled around a 1:30p, 5:00p or 6:30p Monday timeslot and a Wednesday 6:00p training timeslot.

As a team member, you’ll join your team leader in a fun training program (complete with certified coach/trainer) based around the Couch to 5k Training Program. Through that popular fitness program, you’ll be trained to first walk, then jog and finally run the event’s 3.1 miles (intermediate program participants will have a more advanced workout).

NY Beef Council

Toward that end, you’ll (1) spend one day a week training with your team leader at The Crossings of Colonie (see training times below), (2) another working out at a time that works best for you, and then (3) gather with your fellow participants for a group session led by our certified coach/trainer at 8:30 a.m. Saturday mornings at Colonie Mohawk River Park.

Freihofer's Couch to 5K

Those taking part will receive:

  • A Unique Freihofer's Run for Women Training Challenge t-shirt
  • Nutritional and injury prevention tips
  • Race day recognition through branded Training Challenge bracelets
  • Access to the Virtual Training Program
  • ...and a highly-rewarding experience -- all for only $40!

Don't forget to join us on our Freihofer's Training Challenge Facebook page!

If you have any questions, please call the Freihofer's Run for Women office at (518) 273-5552 or email

Maps & Locations

Monday Sessions:
Crossings of Colonie Park Map. Click to enlarge/print

Freihofer's Training Challenge
Wednesday Sessions:
Halfmoon Town Park

Click here for park map.
Saturday Sessions:
Colonie Mohawk River Park. Click to enlarge/print

Freihofer's Training
Google Maps directions

Training Session Times and Team Leaders

Group workouts are held at the Crossings of Colonie Mondays, at Halfmoon Town Park on Wednesdays and at Colonie Mohawk River Park Saturdays at 8:30 a.m.

Kelly Lynch
Kelly Lynch
Co-host of “Chuck and Kelly” heard weekday mornings from 5:30-9 am on News-Talk WGY (810 AM/103-1 FM)
(810 AM/103-1 FM)

Monday 1:30 p.m. Session
For those who are able to workout during lunch, this is a great way to break up your day. We have a great group of people led by the talented Kelly Lynch!

Kelly Lynch
Training group meets at The Crossings of Colonie Mondays 1:30p

I know they say 40 is the new 30, but I’m not buying it.

A few years ago, as that number loomed ahead of me, I started to think of things I wanted to accomplish. Despite years of gymnastics training, I had never been able to run. I had tried to become a runner and failed many, many times.

At 37, I stumbled across a couch to 5K program and gave it a shot. I figured I could run for one minute, right? Then one minute became two, then three.... and finally, I ran a 5K. And another.... and another. I even managed to gut out a 10K last fall!

But out of all the 5Ks I have done since then, my favorite will always be The Freihofer's Run for Women. The feeling I had as I came down Madison Avenue and crossed the finish line, and looked up to see my husband and kids cheering for me ranks up there as one of those moments you never forget.

It's a feeling I want others to experience as well. There is something about this event that makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thousands of women with the same goal: to finish the race the best they can. From the start in the giant pack of women, to the turn into Washington Park with a band playing on the corner, to the signs and cheers from friends and family along the route, to that moment when you step across the finish line... from the very first elite runner to the very last walker, the support is unbelievable.

I have two kids — 8 and 10, and a job that has me up at 3 a.m. every day. But I am determined to make running a part of my life. And believe me, if this sleep-deprived, carb eating, red wine drinking, mom of two can do it? You can do it, too. Please join me, bring a friend (or two), have some fun, and show that you don't have to be a "runner" to take part in the Freihofer's Run for Women.

Co-host of The River Morning Show heard weekday mornings from 5:30-10 a.m. on 99.5 The River
Monday 5:00 p.m. Session
For those who are not able to workout during lunch, this is a great way to break up your day. We have a great group of people led by the talented Shanna!

Training group meets at The Crossings of Colonie Mondays 5:00p-6:00p

Hi! I’m Shanna from the River Morning Show! I ran my first 5K back in early 2013 in my hometown of Buffalo, New York. My friend from work motivated me to do it, and I’m so glad he did! Since then, I have ran in three more 5Ks here in the Capital Region (including the Freihofer’s Run for Women the last two years!) and I look forward to running in more! My goal is to eventually do a half marathon, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Baby steps!

There’s no better feeling than finishing a 5K. At the beginning of the race, I question why I put myself through this… why I didn’t just stay home and eat snacks while watching a Law & Order SVU marathon? (because lets be real… there’s ALWAYS one on)... but the end... that’s what makes it totally worthwhile! It’s the best rush you can get, and I am genuinely so happy and feel so accomplished because I finished.

I can’t wait to run in the Freihofer’s Run for Women again this year, and I really hope you join me at the training sessions, and of course, the run!

It’s not about how fast you run… it’s about being a part of this great and fun event!

So grab your sneakers and tutus (ok, maybe that last part is just me), and let’s get to it!

Monday 6:30 p.m. Session

Training group meets at The Crossings of Colonie Mondays 6:30p-7:30p. The 6:30p workout will be led this year by our experienced coaches and trainers. Join us for a fun evening workout that'll have you in great spirits just as the sun is going down!

Wednesday 6:00 p.m. Session

Training group meets at Halfmoon Town Park Wednesdays 6:00p - 7:00p. This workout is for those runners living further north who find this location more convenient. Click here for park map

Morning anchor for CBS6.
Various sessions
Julia is joining the Training Challenge as a special guest and targeting her first 5k.

Hello! I’m Julia Dunn and I’m the morning anchor for CBS6. This is my *first* 5k – not joking! A coworker suggested I give it a try so now I’m in for the haul.

I’m relatively new to the area; I joined the news team at CBS6 in March of 2012. I’m from just outside of Boston where my parents still live. Despite coming from a family of marathon runners, I did not pick up the ‘running gene’ at all. I stay active by playing sports but never considered running a hobby in and of itself. Maybe this experience will change that.

I’m excited to be a part of the Freihofer’s Run for Women this year and excited to meet a lot of great new people. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has been a part of the event over the years has only the best things to say about it.

Looking forward to making it across the finish line in one piece!

Meet Your Coaches

Kristen Hislop
Kristen Hislop

Kristen Hislop

Kristen Hislop is a USAT certified triathlon coach, AFAA certified personal trainer and Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning certified instructor.  She started swimming and sailing competitively at age 8. She continued to swim throughout college.  She sailed on Long Island Sound through high school bringing home hardware from many regattas, honing phenomenal mental skills, then coaching in the summer during college.  In high school she picked up track, running for 2 years in college and continuing with road races post college.  In Colorado in 1991 she added biking and started triathlons.

After many years of racing successfully and working in the business world, she moved into coaching.  She coaches individuals wishing to achieve new goals in running and triathlons. As a coach for the TEAM in Training triathlon team for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society she has worked with many athletes over the past four seasons.  She also coaches at the Southern Saratoga YMCA and is the team leader of the Albany LUNA Chix Triathlon Team. 

You can follow Kristen's running blog here.

Kristen Hislop
Patrick Lynskey

Patrick Lynskey

Patrick Lynskey is an avid, "competitive" age group runner and veteran of 2 ultra-marathons including The Comrades Marathon in South Africa, nine Marathons including the Boston Marathon, several half marathons and more 5k, 10k and 15ks than he can count. Patrick has been an assistant Cross Country coach at the college level and is an NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer as well as a USATF L1 Certified Coach.

Patrick believes in functional training, with an emphasis on core strength and flexibility as a basis for good running form and injury prevention. Getting to the start line in good shape and healthy is the first step in getting to the finish line.

Patrick really enjoys helping runners, athletes and non-athletes of all levels become better. He looks forward to helping all participants in this year's Freihofer's Run for Women Training Challenge.

Don Lawrence
Don Lawrence
SportWalking Coach

Don Lawrence

Don Lawrence is accomplished race walker since 1974, NY High School T&F State finalist, NAIA All American, 3 time USA Olympic Team Trials (’84-’92) World Race Walk Cup Team member, USA Masters National Champion and World Masters Championships 5th place in 2011.

Don is the USATF Office Manager and the USA 5Km Race Walk Championships Director as part of the Freihofer’s Run for Women event weekend. He is the Coach & Fleet Feet SportWalkers Director, former manager of a three time US Olympian race walker and currently coaches the #1 High School race walker from Colonie HS.

The journey of Lifestyle Fitness begins with a single walking step... "heel & toe".

Walk before you Run!
The techniques of SportWalking, once learned can offer years of relatively injury free cardiovascular exercise leading to race walking competitive arena, if desired. Don is thrilled with continuing his teaching of Walking to beginning exercisers or injured runners who want to continue participation in the Freihofer’s Run for Women.

Meet Your Injury-Prevention Specialist

Dr Tim Maggs
Dr. Tim Maggs
(518) 393-6566

Dr. Tim Maggs, DC

Dr. Tim Maggs, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) is a specialist in Sports Biomechanics and has been a Sports Chiropractor for 35 years. He is a national lecturer on fitness and conditioning, worked in the New York Giants (professional football) strength department, was the founder and director of the Team Stick Kenyan Running Program, gives 25 seminars a year to doctors on the importance of structural biomechanics, and has completed 16 marathons.

Dr. Maggs developed the: Structural Management® Program, Structural Fingerprint® Exam, and the Maggs Muscle Management™ Program.

As The Running Dr., Dr. Maggs has contributed to: New England Runner, Florida Running & Triathlon, Chiropractic Economics, Chiropractic Products, Pace Setter and American Chiropractor magazines; and a frequent contributor to many other running publications.

Dr. Maggs or Dr. Bob Irwin will be on site during the Saturday sessions to consult with our Training Challenge participants about biomechanics, good "pain" vs. bad pain while training, the importance of stretching and any other questions you might have regarding injury issues.

Dr. Maggs will tell all runners his 3 step recommendation if eliminating injuries is your goal:

> Get fitted for custom orthotics
Get a Structural Fingerprint® Exam (full biomechanical exam)
Get The Stick and > apply it daily, before and after you run

> Contact Dr. Maggs with any questions at

Meet Your Nutritionist

Christine Cooley
Christine Cooley

Christine Cooley, MS FNP-C

Chris Cooley is a certified family and gastroenterology nurse practitioner with over 15 years committed to health and wellness promotion providing medical management for patients experiencing acute and chronic illnesses. Treatment has included a range of topics from weight management, nutrition, IBS, colitis, Crohn's disease, celiac sprue, heartburn, ulcers as well as primary care. She integrates traditional medicine with alternative treatments with great appreciation for herbal therapies as well as a simplified diet to achieve balance of mind, body and spirit. She is a professional speaker promoting preventative therapies as well as use of safe products.

Chris has been a recreational runner since high school cross country/indoor & outdoor track at Catholic Central HS. She is excited to be available to the training team Saturday morning before and after the run to answer any health related questions.

Meet Your Athletic Trainers from St. Mary's Healthcare, Amsterdam!

Carla Pasquarelli
Carla Pasquarelli

Carla Pasquarelli, ATC

Carla Pasquarelli, ATC Carla Pasquarelli, ATC A New York state-licensed, BOC-certified athletic trainer, Carla has over 8 years of experience as an athletic trainer working with several local high schools and community colleges dealing with injuries of all types from minor injuries such as ankle sprains and shin splints to more serious injuries such as ACL Tears, compartment syndrome, and concussions . A former All-Star Section 2 cross-country runner and softball player, Carla is trained in the Kinesio Tape Method, which expedites the body’s natural healing process, while giving support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. She also specializes in concussions and has developed return-to-play guidelines for numerous regional schools, as well as planned and organized several education programs regarding the prevention and treatment of sports-related concussions. She recently completed the training to become an ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainer-a neurocognitive test used in the recovery of concussions. A graduate of Russell Sage College, the Amsterdam native is a former recipient of the New York State Athletic Trainers Association's prestigious Ed Abramoski Scholarship, which is named after the Buffalo Bills' legendary athletic trainer. In 2013 St. Mary's Healthcare named the Amsterdam native its Clinical VIP of the Year.
Sean Leggett
Sean Leggett

Sean Leggett, ATC

Sean Leggett, ATC Sean Leggett, a graduate of Castleton State College. Is a BOC certified and New York licensed Athletic trainer. Sean was a college athlete playing both soccer and rugby for Castleton State. As a lifelong athlete he has always been searching for that next challenge. Running has always been a big part of his life starting in high school where he earned varsity letters in soccer, basketball and track and field for Mechanicville High School and continued into his college career. After college he continues to play indoor and outdoor soccer and has participated in many 5k and 10k road and obstacle course races and recently running his second half marathon in Disney World this past January. Sean is a full time Athletic Trainer at Columbia High School in East Greenbush, NY. Aside from taping and stretching his athletes, Sean enjoys strength and conditioning. He has attended multiple strength and conditioning classes and courses over the last few years and uses this background to help rehab his athletes of all levels. His goal isn’t to just return his athletes to his or her sport but to return the athlete stronger than they were before they were injured.


Q. Do I have to be registered for the Freihofer's Run for Women to be able to sign up for the Training Challenge?

A. Yes. You can register here.

Q. What's the difference between the Full Training Challenge and Virtual Training Challenge?

A. The Full Freihofer's Training Challenge is a paid program that involves coaching and group training workouts. You can sign up when you register for the Freihofer's Run 5K or by e-mailing The Virtual Training Challenge is the e-mail aspect where participants receive e-mails that include the day's workouts. The Virtual Program is free to anyone. All Full Freihofer's Training Challenge participants automatically get signed up for these e-mails. All other can sign up here.

Q. I'm not receiving the e-mails. What do I do?

A. If you signed up and haven't seen any e-mails, please check your Spam folder and make sure that "" has been added to your Address Book or sign up for the Virtual Program with another e-mail address. Otherwise, please e-mail "” with details and we will try to help.

Q. Where do Full Freihofer's Training Challenge participants meet?

A. Group workouts are held at the Crossings of Colonie Mondays, Halfmoon Town Park on Wednesdays and at Colonie Mohawk River Park Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. Here is the map for Colonie Mohawk River Park. The address for Colonie Mohawk River Park is 71 Schermerhorn Road Cohoes, NY 12047. Click here for directions. Google Maps driving directions here.

Disclaimer: The information presented by trainers and educators at weekly training sessions is solely informational so that participants can learn more on different health subjects. Nothing contained in the presentations or discussions is intended to constitute, nor should it be considered, medical advice or to serve as a substitute for the advice of a physician or health care provider. Any information provided is not intended to treat or cure any disease or condition. Always consult your health care provider for all health, diet and weight loss management.

The information should not be considered complete, nor should it be relied on to suggest a course of treatment for a particular individual, nor is it intended to refer you to a particular medical professional or health care provider. It should not be used in place of a visit to, consultation with or advice of a qualified health care provider.

The material is made available with the understanding that we are not engaged in providing diagnostic and treatment advice in this setting. Should you have health care questions, call or see your qualified health care provider promptly. You should never disregard medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have heard during any portion of the training program. No promises are being made that the information in the presentations will be error free, or that it will provide specific results.

Participation is solely at your own risk. By participating in the training program you understand and acknowledge that everyone that contributes any information during the training program disclaims any liability to you, and all such persons are not liable for losses or damages which may result through the use of information, products and services in the presentations or any other material or information exchanged or related to the training challenge.